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Beta and Mega Adventures

Beta and Mega are robots created by the Brilliant Dr.Tone, and this is their story.


Beta Man made by Bt Man-Shadowy Hero from 200X, with some sprites MegaBoyX7.

MegaBoy made by MegaBoyX7, not sure if Bt Man actually helped.

Most sprites (like 95% or something) are ripped by Sprites, Inc.

All original sprites and backgrounds are made by Capcom and edited by Bt Man-Shadowy Hero from 200X and MegaBoyX7.


MegaBoy is made by MegaBoyX7

Beta Man is made by Bt Man-Shadowy Hero from 200X.

Mega Man and all other related characters are owned by Capcom.


This is a non-profit, fan-made comic created for fun and entertainment. Mega Man and all related characters, weapons, and locations are owned by Capcom. We are NOT affiliated with Capcom in any way and does NOT own Mega Man, the franchise, or anything related to it.


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